Friday, May 22, 2009

Baking Class.....

went for baking class...somewhere in 'Akademi Citra Klasik'
cool~ anyway, jasmin was there too...there were many package..but i took the 'kuih raye package' i arrived early and registered myself....i thought the class was at the back but i was stopped by this kakak " ehh3!!!adik2..bukan situ kat atas2...." bummer! so okayh, i went to the staircase...alamak!!!...ape punya tmpt nie?? seram ,gelap, ni cm tmpt bomoh je instead of cooking class.....i texted jasmin..'heyy, where are you?'
then my 'excuse me boss' message ringtone alarmed....jasmin:'ohh..i baru nk bertolak'...hah?? and it was already 9.55am...huuuuuu

so, yeah...learned how to make kuih raye- mind you! not all of them..... if i were to list malas..tapi since i want to brag, so here goes: almond tuscany,crispy choc,strawberry choc( dah strawberry ,choc plak), sweat rozie(named after pua chu kang's wife),snowy oats, kelapa poppy, choc avanza, choc marble, oatmeal kacang gajus,casablanca,chunky choc.....

who came?? tadaaa~!!!mak cik2 yg berkeinginan menjual kuih...with the ones who intend to open a kuih factory as well..well, adelah sesat sorang guy...high five for him!!!

so basically, i enjoyed mt time there esp..dpt bawak balik kuih2 packed!!! well, cut out the time when jasmin act.. fooled me with her water...told me it was 'skyjuice' but instead it was gas water!!!..f.y.i, i can't drink.....

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