Friday, June 19, 2009

i am leaving people!!! my eyes can't stop popping!!! pop!pop!pop!~

kebosanan....astaghfirullah...rasulullah tidak suka akan hamba-nya yg kebosanan DAN~ yg aku bosan)

well, just to let u know... i am getting ready for college .... barang dh siap....documents dh siap... what else?? aku bosan lagi..

tomorrow wil be the orchestra competition.... oh well..... i am going..tkc is in the list... yay~
i can't elaborate much about this.... will do after the competition...( aku bosan sekali lagi)

i am now soo into's like THE THING babes!!! esp. the quizzes.... omg~ i hv nothing to say anymore( SEKALI LAGI aku bosan)..

i know u people are going to curse me for this~ wahahahaha~ i dont give damn

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