Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Calling YM engineers!!

seriously..... my YM hasnt been working for 4 days oledi... Therefore, i missed chatting with the people i intend to chat with... urghhh.... that's why engineers are important in this kind of case especially YM engineers!!!
y bother being E&E Engineers or Chem. Engineers or ( what chals want to be) Aeronautical engineers??~!!!- Chal, dont hate me for this..weeeee~ see??Ym engineers are more or less important especially right now... where my YM is making itself useless and hate-ta-ble... gaaaAAAAHHHH!!!
btw, i browsed from blog to blog and i found this one really magnificent..hilarious!! blog post i seriously will not going to forget.. can read below and leave a comment. It's called:
Because i have nothing to write about again, lets ungkit an old story from nostalgic memories.
Tajuk karangan -My Balls
Last time i wrote in malay / malaysian so now i m gonna right in english. im going to write in english lol.
>>I don't know what day it was or more or less what time it was, but i think it was a pretty hot day. So on that day, for some reason we had to assemble at the parking lot in the centre of the school compound, which was also the assembly area, since the school wasnt all that grand. I was in standard 6 at the time, and most of my friends were the prefects, so i could sneak myself in at the back of the line, and also not get my name jotted down.but that day was different.For i was the tallest boy (or 2nd tallest) malay boy in the class, i was at the very back, near the ladys, or "my" ladies lol, depending on which way you see it. But on that day fate had bookmarked a link for me, had given me something to remember, and someone to remember it by. If i remember correctly the boy was Railley Matthew (kot), an iban boy which was a happy boy. (i m not sure if its really railley). but there was a happy boy that day, and when he walked, he swung his hands. left swing, right swing.and fate brought together my balls and his hands on that day. and as his happy swinging collided with my Darjah 6 balls, pain struck my balls. it was as though my testicles were struck by lightning lol. it wasnt that painful, but still i cried. So then i was carried to the office (partly cuz i was the HM's son) then i skipped assembly by lying on the couch pretending my balls ached.My balls =)For more info on my balls go to hell. =) lol...
so folks...there you have it..... freaky ehh??

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  1. zac...
    my ym pon x bole bkk..!!

    p/s;i know where do u get 'the balls' from..;)

    kurang pahala puasa..HAHAHAA..