Thursday, August 6, 2009

i'M BACK!!!!

whoahaohoh!!! O.M.G~ which f.y.i as in 'for your information' means 'oh my god'!! LOL! I'm back people!! gosh... it's been hell long since i wrote in this blog~ and it's august already..

let me just summarize the incident happened when i was away:

1. i entered mara banting college
2.i started my studies in mara banting college
3.i despise the certain people in mara banting college~ seriously~
4.I hate the FLIES in mara banting college
5.i like the life in mara banting college!! BUT.. only when i'm with my mates!! yeahh!!

so, what am i trying to say here folks??
perghh~ i crap a lot... ahaha...

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