Saturday, September 19, 2009


Assalamualaikum to all...

as you know, Ramadhan is almost over and syawal begins....yeeha for raya.. although..this year's raya is the same as the raya before~ my raya that is..
I was not in a good mood actually condition is likely to be unstable..just like a boat on sea during typhoon:) a lot of things happened..there's just many things that i am not satisfy with..enough said
apart from homework, I manage to spend my precious ramadhan+raya networking..a.k.a..surfing FB and youtube....wakakaakaka.....anyways....:)

I accompanied me mum and me sys to SOGO the other day...Zee ran out of clothes and i happened to be always borrowing hers....what??sharing is caring aite??unfortunately for her, they got stretched and worn out..sorry mate~ thehehe...its not that m huge or fat...

We arrived at the bloody SOGO...(why i call bloody??) it was packed with all kinds of people..(malaysians,foreigners,malays,chineses,indians,fat...thin) was hard to pass through the enormous ,not to mention humongous crowd..we made way to the bloody escalator to get to the bloody ladies section....and found many bloody outfits...yayyyy..again...PACKEDD!!! yeepee.. for me, i spotted the cardigan that i longed most to buy...(thank god no one seems to take interest of it...maybe the fact that it is expensive) was at the 'NEW ARRIVAL' rack...

So, that was a problem..I realised that i inherited my mum's DNA genes where we have the same taste , you see... this ' EXOTIC' is a curse!!! so, whenever i touch something, regardless if they were clothes,things and what not... the things touched are.....expensive...
On the other hand, me bro also has the same awful trait>> his tongue is able to detect good..a.k.a expensive food....the biscuits,chocolates that he ate, some of them are 'Mark & Spencer's , 'Famous Amos'.. not just any 'laubeh', folks, if you need help to get cheap and good presents...we are not the kind of person you should seek...good,yes...but cheap..dont..:).. curse, i tell yahh..

why i say this?? here's the part>>

After i grabbed the cardigan, my eyes were locked at this pretty blue t-shirt~and as always, before i try anything out, i flipped the price tag first...*gasp* rm40 for a t-shirt..fine, leave it..its not worth it...then, (my,my,my) this wonderful ,smart vest...rm45...purple 'ELLE' jacket..rm 150... carrot-cut jeans..rm329( forgot to mention it was 'GUESS') ahahaha.....drop it...and i've decided to not touch anything at the moment.

Zee was absorbed with her choice of clothes~in and out of the changing room...trying, i followed Ma to the 'baju melayu-baju kurung section' ....and usually i love to look around and freely enjoy myself admiring the cloths on display..but at that place..nahhh, i say to myself.. my exotic-taste receptor was not awful does that sound??
But at a nearby section:"zakiah, cuba tgk kain niehh...this think this should be the kain or baju?? or..." bla..bla...bla... "oh, ma...i think..bla..bla..bla.." so as we speak...
and when she took a glance at the price...rm600...for a...kain, what i tell yahh?? see what i mean..

While Ma was cracking her head thinking of whether to buy it or not...good luck with that!! haha, i suddenly saw this dua-beranak( a father and a daughter) nearby, choosing a baju kurung..and i (dgn tak tau malunya) eavesdropped their two moments togetherness conversation:

Father: hah, pilihlah.nak yg mane??

Child: ahaha..tak tau lah ayah, semua hah..tak tau nk pilih mane

Father:ahahah..dua2 pun lawa...adik pilih je...ayah beli..

Child:ayah, semua baju pun lawa...telefon mak dulu jap

(about 2 minutes later...)

Child: ayah...amik yg hijau nilah..

Father: ok..yg nihh( without hesitating, grab the baju kurung)

so, what i can conclude from the observation, first of all.. the girl and the father themselves came from a not very rich family..even lower than standard i guess..i say this because from the way they dress..if you learn economics...they can be categories as 'inferior goods'.. and like i said before, the clothes there..mcm takde papelahh.., kan..simple..normal..but what touched me most is they(father and girl) really appreciate with what they have.. of courselah, they could not buy something more than they can..but..what m saying is that..the things that i see 'biasa' is actually special to others..and they were very thrilled & excited choosing the baju kurung..
eventhough they are poor, and i am sure they have more things to be worry about- but they are happy and appreciate with what they have..and also maybe because they dont always go out to buy new stuff...

this made me think>> so , i should not grumble or complain with things that i dont have but appreciate the stuff that i have... hmmmmmmmm....seriously...there must be a reason for me to encounter such event..

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